Ramblings on: Daydreams

As a writer, I’ve found that one of the most unappreciated tools we have is the ability to daydream.  Daydreams are often persecuted as wasters of time and energy when, in reality, it’s just the time that such daydreaming is done that is the true crime.  Obviously there are times when daydreaming is not wanted nor desired.  You’d never want your doctor so engaged in a daydream while doing hearty surgery on you that she pulls out a kidney instead.  Nor would you want a lookout on a vast cruise liner mind-wandering with his thoughts as an iceberg floats directly ahead.

But in many situations, daydreams and meandering thoughts can free you of the now involved drudgery or waiting period.  Who hasn’t solved the world’s economic and social problems while painting a fence or pulling weeds?  (Who also hasn’t realized that solving the problems are easy; It’s getting everyone to agree with the solution that is the problem.)  Who’s waited in traffic and not pretended at one point to be on the starting grid of a race or far off in another land where there is no traffic at all?

Daydreams are the savior to our monotony and the sparks to our creativity.  Daydreams have given us thing like phones, cars, planes, rockets, and computers.  Refrigerators, microwaves, and bar-b-que grilles have all been spawned from that spark called daydream.  Music, art, literature, are all results of daydreams.

Science and math are tools to make those daydreams real and tangible.  Science gives us ways to follow our daydreams of space exploration or nano-biological studies, while math gives our daydreams size and dimension.

So let us not disparage the noble art of daydreaming, but let us embrace it.  For with the daydreams come our world and universe.  Just please don’t do it while driving.  It’s dangerous enough out there.

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