Thoughts on: Inspirations

What inspires you to write?  What gets your creative juices flowing?  Sometimes daydreams just don’t come that day, or you are distracted by outer forces in your life.  So what do you do?

Find something to inspire you.

Now don’t make that out to be more than it is.  An inspiration doesn’t have to come from on high or some master megalomaniacal creation.  An inspiration can come from something as simple as the coffee you had this morning.

Let’s use that for example.  Think back to the morning when you first had that cup of coffee.  What was the moment like?  What did you look at?  What was the mood?  Was it calm and serene or was it active and chaotic?  What were the smells?  Was it dark or light?  Or was it that weird semi-grey transitional period that happens just before the dawn?  Is it dawn or is it during those odd moments caused by working the swing or late shift?  How would you describe you perfect cup of coffee moment?

See? There can be a lot of inspiration from a cup of coffee.  It doesn’t have to even be coffee or even a drink for that matter.  The goal isn’t to write the great American novel.  The goal is to get the juices flowing so you can create thoughts of your great American novel, blog, or memoir.

So take a moment to look around you and grab some random thing.  Hold it in your hand and see how it can inspire you.

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