Ramblings on: Seeing differently

Sometimes it’s good to look at things from a different perspective.  I wanted to create some personal pictures for my header instead of using the standard pictures available.

I wanted something unique.  Something that was as equally mine as this blog.  I knew that I wanted variety, texture, color, drama, and romanticism.  (A rambling thought for another day.)  I also knew that my time was limited so I would have to just use the surroundings around me.  That meant taking a new look on things;  Changing my perspective.  I had to challenge myself and see what I was not seeing.

As I was taking my pictures it dawned on me.  This is also a good way to start up a new writing project if stymied.  Take what you have, what’s around you, and look at it from a different perspective.  It’s done in music and movies all the time.  The general theme may stray the same, yet the perspectives change allowing for a depth of nuances that were not there in other movies or songs.  Perspectives are the spices to our stories and lives.

What new spice will you discover tomorrow?  Just take a new look and find out.

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