Daydreams of: Turn 13

            The number suits it.  Turn 13.  A wicked little, nasty turn.  Off camber and 90 degrees.  Slow and tight.

            It’s a turn you want to exit fast. That way you get a jump on the straight away after it.  It’s a seductress.  She’ll lure you in and get you close to your rivals.  Then she’ll spit you out onto a long straightaway that opens up the space between you and him; or better, she’ll let you pass and take the lead.

            But you have to be careful.  She’ll burn you.  Take her too fast and you’re in the sand.  Take her too tight or over correct and you spin or hit the wall.  There’s only one line with that turn.  And you better hit it right every time.

            I didn’t.  I was focused on the other car.  The other Porsche.  It was so close I could feel the exhaust on my face.  I could smell the burning of its brake pads as he entered the turn.  I was blinded by the red mist and I wanted to pass this car.  That’s when she got me.  I was just too fast for her and she let me fly.

            Straight ahead I went.  Straight off the track and into the sand.  One hundred feet I drug;  Losing precious speed and timer.

            Zoom! My rival flew into the distance.

            Bam! Another car passed me.  Then another.  Bam!

            Furious at my stupidity, I slammed it into first and tore off after them.  My pride and my front spoiler left in sacrifice to the angry witch.

            So be warned.  Turn 13 is an angry witch that will tear you, body and soul.  Tread with care.

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