Thoughts of: My last blog and looking forward

Yesterday’s blog was my first book review.  I told my friend, Chris, about the man while at work, and remembered what a good story it is.  See, Chris is a fisherman.  Not as a profession, but more than hobby.  It’s part of his spirit.  He lets you know by the way he talks about it.  His entire being tells you that this is what makes him.

That’s what brought my mind to Joshua’s book.  It’s the same thing.  It’s not a story of “conquering the sea and making her mine” like Hemmingway or London would do; It’s a story claiming that “This is a part of me.  This is what builds my soul”.  To me, that’s a story worth reading.

In fact, many of my favorite stories feature that in some way.  Whether it’s the discovery of something new, or the discovery of self while on the journey, the embracing of the spirit is what makes the story worthwhile.  These are stories worth sharing.

I’ll be sharing other authors and their stories in the future, along with items and devices used in such journeys, as well as destinations found.

You’ll see them occasionally, like a friend coming by for a visit, but they won’t be moving in.  There’s so many things to share and talk about that I don’t want to limit it to just a few items.  The world’s just too big for that.  So let’s continue on our way.

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