Daydreams of: The Treasure of the Giraffes

I enjoyed a slow, luxurious drink of cool lemonaide with my family when a tribe of royal giraffes strode majestically into our camp.

“Excuse us, my dear chap,”  Said the lead giraffes who was obviously the King of his tribe.  “But my family is quite parched from our sojourn.  Could we trouble you for some refreshment?”

“But of course.”  I replied, startled by this unexpected event.

I poured them each a tall glass of liquid nourishment which they took gently and drank by arching the long necks gracefully.

“Thank you, good sir.”  The King said to me as they returned their empty glasses.  “I would like to repay your kindness in kind.  If you and your family would follow me, I will show you our greatest treasure.”

Intrigued and excited, my family and I leapt into the Range Rover and followed our majestic guides.

Upon reaching our destination, the King Giraffe pointed his head skyward and proudly announced,  “Here is the greatest treasure in all of Africa!”

I looked around hopefully, but my view was hampered by the large branches and thick leaves of a tree that the giraffe stood under and next to.

“I say, kind sir,”  I replied with a little embarrassment.  “But I can’t see your treasure for this tree is blocking my view.”

“My good man,”  said the King in astonishment, “The tree is the treasure!  This tree can feed, heal and shelter us.  What were you expecting, Diamonds?”

“Something like that.”  I admitted.

The King shook his head.  “Only humans would choose a rock over food.”

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