Thoughts of: Darkness and Light

I’m sure by now that from reading my various short stories under the headings of Daydreams that you’ve seen a dramatic variance in tones and outlook depending on the story.  Some are light enough to be almost children stories while others are as dark as a moonless night.  That’s how I want it to be.  Changes and shifts from one story to another.  Besides keeping me interested, it helps me improve my writing skills.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from reading other authors, it’s how the good ones have depth to their characters, scenery, and situations.  This can only happen with changes of darkness and light.  For me to become a better writer, I need to explore these areas often and find new subtleties to each.

I submit my stories to you for your perusal to see the changes and growth that follows.  Some may be suited for all audiences, while some won’t be.  I assure you, that for the most part, if I submit one that had foul language or is descriptively graphic, I will post a warning beforehand.  I am not sure who is reading and if there are parents with children looking in, I want them to know ahead of time.

I also think from what I’ve submitted already that you, the reader, can tell what my own personal boundaries are when it comes to creative writing.  There are some violent situations which you will never see in my writing as well as some descriptive situations.  It’s just my own personal guidelines that I follow.  Some might be disappointed, but there are whole web sites dedicated to such writings.

Whether dark or light, each story is a joy to create.  For those that prefer just the lighter ones, I offer the advice of an old art teacher I once had.

“Don’t be afraid of the dark.”

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