Thoughts of: Writing

Anything that is creative is unique.  Whether the art is crafted in music, painting, sculpting, acting, or writing; once you enter the medium for your daily exercise, all rules  go out the window.

Art is not a 9 to 5 job where you can just punch in and go.  Sure, you can work through the details once you get going, but it’s the going that is the hardest.  There is an ebb and flow to creativity.  You cannot look in the mirror and order yourself to be creative. You need to allow the spark of creativity to come in and make itself known to you.  If you are distracted, if your attention is focused somewhere else, you will miss that spark and never even know it was there.  Sometimes that spark won’t come even under the best of circumstances.  Sometimes, you are left wanting for them like you would yearn for water in the middle of the desert.

On other days, sparks of creativity and ideas come in a great torrent of froth and emotions turning you over in their rush.  Multiple ideas flood your mind and will weight upon you like an avalanche that you can’t get out of.

And, on those lucky days, they come in slowly and gently like the tide at a calm beach.  One clear thought that shines like a diamond, showing you every facet and nuance in a way that lets it flow from your body for all to witness.

Sparks and ideas will become like a person itself.  Some will wait patiently for its time with you while others will scream out for your attention.  And like a person, they will change as they age; and sometimes, they will just quietly leave.

Some will advise to do the art no matter what your personal inspirations are for that day.  Start the process and keep going until your daily portion is done.  I disagree with that notion.  I believe that the trick of the art trade is to be ready for that huge avalanche of ideas and capture their essence to use on those days when nothing calls you way.  Find them, capture them, sore and nurture them in some way that keeps them alive in your mind.  For the practical people out there; I mean write the ideas down, keep them close at hand, and look at them constantly so you do not forget the reasons why you wrote them down in the first place.  At the right time, one of those ideas will speak up and tell you that it is time to bring it out.

That is how you ride the ocean of creativity in the art world.  That is how you survive the ebb and flow.  Don’t fight the waves of creativity with the rigid demands of a structured world.  It doesn’t work out here like that and you will soon find that rigid structured schedule cracking and splintering under your feet.  Catch those creative ideas like they were fish and use them along the way as you enjoy the ebb and flow of the art process.

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