Ramblings of: An American Festival

Last weekend Sarasota held their annual Highlands Games and Celtic Festival.  It was fantastic!  A mini car show greeted you the moment you entered the gate offering the classics of Britain and Ireland. There were three stages set up showcasing different bands every hour until closing.  Tents were set up offering all the trappings of fashion, jewelry, and toys.  You could watch the athletes flip telephone poles or participate yourself in a little hatchet throwing.  When hunger distracted you from all the excitement, you had various forms of authentic style eats including Shepard’s pie and haggis.   A nice, cold Harps was available to wash it down.

Festivals like this are very popular here in America.  Whether Polish, Italian, German, French, or Spanish, you can usually find a festival representing your favorite heritage in a town close by.

It begs the question; Are there American Festivals over in Europe and if there are what are they like?

Would the car show consist of just 60’s era muscle cars and Cadillacs with tail fins or would they show modern vehicles of choice like Jeep Grand Cherokees, Ford Tauruses, and Chevy Silveradoes?

Would you be able to get more than just a hamburger or hotdog at the food vendors?  Would they offer both the New York Style and Chicago style of pizza?  What about ribs?

What music would be offered?  Would it be pop and rap?  Just country?  Rock and roll?  Would they thing to offer jazz and blues as well?

How would they dress up for the festival?  Would everyone be dressed like cowboys or would everyone be wearing basketball jerseys and oversized jeans hanging way past their hips?

Would your choice of drinks be limited to Coke, Budweiser, or Starbucks?

Would sunglasses and bubblegum be the main stay of all the vending tents?

Would they have toy gun fights featuring replicas by Airsoft?  Would that even be legal in the sponsoring country?

Would they play football and baseball while ignoring the other hobbies of hacky-sack, Frisbee toss, and volley ball?

It would be interesting to see what the other countries think should be in a proper American Festival.

What do you think?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think would be in an American Festival if held in another country.  The proper, the stereotypical, and the just plain silly.  What would be in the American Festival?

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