Daydreams of: A winter’s sky

WARNING!  This story has harsh, adult language that is not suitable for children.  The iuse of the F-bomb is in the story along with other harsh words.  Adults only.


Insulated boots made their slow, deliberate, march forward as Jack trudged his way through the thick, heavy snow.  Muffled sounds of crunching created by his boot-falls were echoed by the huffing of his breath.  It had been an hour since Jack gave up trying to fix his snow mobile.  An hour’s hike back on the trail and he had not seen nor heard any evidence of human life.

“Someone’s gonna show up soon.”  He thought to himself as he trudged along.  “Someone’s got to!”

His nose and cheeks burned against the cold and wind, but he felt it was better if strangers were able to see his face instead of a masked man walking alone on the trail without a sled.  He had wished he brought his sunglasses.  With the tinted visor on his helmet, he figured he didn’t need them, but even with the heavy clouds in the sky, enough light was reflecting off the snow to make him squint.

“Never should’ve ridden alone.”  He scolded himself.

“Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.” Came the sounds of his boots on the dry snow.

Jack didn’t notice that his gloved hands were clenching and unclenching into fists.

“Huff.  Huff. Huff.” Came his breath in a labored pace.

He stopped for a moment to look around.  Grimacing he listened intently.  “Nothing.”  He said sourly.

Jack unzipped his jacket and took it off.  His back was drenched in sweat.

“Shit this sucks!”  He cursed as he let the frigid air cool his body.  “Who knew you could sweat in winter?”

Tying the coat tightly around his waist, Jack pressed forward.  He was shivering less than fifteen minutes later.

“Fuck!”  He yelled as he hurriedly put the jacket back on.  “This is crazy!”  Two steps later he noticed the ring of sweat around his waist where the jacket used to be.

“I need a Fucking beer!”  He whined to himself.

After a half hour of hiking and cursing later, Jack stopped again in his desperate search for rescue.  He was rewarded with silence.

“Why the fuck didn’t I bring my fucking phone?”  He yelled into the bitter air.

With a thump, Jack sat/fell into the snow.  He looked around with a pout on his face before noticing that the sky was getting dark.

“Great.”  He muttered to himself.  “Just fucking great.”

It took the bobbing and twinkling of a light to make him hear the tenor pitched sound of a motor at high rev coming towards him.  Instantly, Jack was on his feet.

“Hey!”  He screamed at the top of his lungs while waving franticly.  “Hey!”

A black and emerald snow mobile stopped revealing a rider dressed smartly in matching garb.

“Need a ride?”  The man asked Jack.

“You bet I do!”  He answered joyfully.

“Hop on.”  The man said, gesturing behind him.

Jack quickly climbed on as the man started his sled.  Fifteen minutes later they passed Jacks abandoned snow mobile.

“Yours, I presume.”  The man said as the skied by.

“Piece of shit.”  Jack answered.  “Why we going this way?” He asked out of curiosity.

“Town’s closer this way.”  The man stated.  “If you had walked this way instead of backtracking, you would’ve been in town by now.”

“Great.”  Came Jacks dour response.

Incredulous, the man asked, “Didn’t you know where you were going?”

“Nah.  I just wanted to ride.”

The man shook his head as they motored on.

It was too much longer before they came to a small town.

“You should be able to get some help here.”  The man said to Jack as he turned off his sled.

Jack’s eyes noticed a bar close by.  “I think I need a beer first.”

“Maybe you should think of bringing some tools and supplies next time you go out.”  The man suggested.

“Yeah.”  Jack replied.  “Next time I’ll bring my cell phone and a fifth of whisky!  That’ll do it!”

The man turned his key and took off as jack headed towards the bar.

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