Ramblings of: Sage Advice

“Go to Africa.”

That’s what the man said to me with a reassuring nod.  He had just gotten back from Safari with his wife in Zimbabwe and was regaling our table with their adventure.  It wasn’t the wine and cheese type of safari as you would expect from a couple in their age group and status.  It was a true, down and dirty, back to basics, roughing it style of safari.

Everything that would make a typical American tourist cringe they met with enthusiasm.  The wife had her luggage stolen when they arrived.  The place they stayed had no running water or electricity.  Washing of body and clothes was done in the river and the undergarments had to be guarded while they dried for hyenas were fond of stealing lingerie.

They never bemoaned the lack of air conditioning, Pepsi, a good bed, room service, McDonalds, or anything like that.  Their only regret was the fact that the school supplies they had brought with them for the local schoolhouse were stolen with the ladies luggage.

The man went on with his talking and explained to us as to how the Lions would walk alongside the safari vehicle and how they would all lie around it when it stopped.

His wife excitedly told the tale of how a couple of the lions tried to capture and kill a young wildebeest for a meal.  The look of horror from my friends encouraged her to explain how skinny the lions were and that they did not succeed in their hunt.

The couple could tell that while my friends were entertained by their tale of adventure, they would never embark on such a journey themselves.  The risk and the roughness of it was just too much for their tastes.

But not mine.  They could tell that like them I would enjoy such an adventure.  That it’s about the experience and not the comfort.

That’s why the man told me, “Go to Africa”.  He knew I would understand.  The challenge is not raising the money needed for going, or figuring out the logistics of pet boarding and other minor details.  e challenge is getting the wife to go along.  I could not go on such a trip and feel good about the journey while leaving my wife behind.  Even if she wanted me to.  It would be too large a crime to deny her the experience of visiting such an area.

So I will add this to my list of things to do and I will find a way to get there.  I highly recommend the same to all of you.  The chance and ability to broaden our horizons and see thing that few others see is the greatest opportunity we can give ourselves.  So, if you can, then go.  It’s too great an opportunity to miss.

2 thoughts on “Ramblings of: Sage Advice

  1. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa. And I WILL one day soon. I agree it’s about the experiences of life not how the service at the hotel took forever. What’s a life like that? I one day also want to experience the breathtaking views, the tribal dances, the taste of the customary foods. That’s what life is about, always pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

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