Thoughts of: Scriptor Obscura and the Trifecta Challenge.

Whenever I get an e-mail saying someone has liked my post or is now following my blog, I like to go over to their website, learn what the new person is about, and like one of their posts in return.

Recently I was liked by a lady called, Scriptor Obscura.  She’s an intriguing lady who likes to keep herself private while publicly displaying her extensive writing talents.

To put it mildly, she is good.  She has won multiple awards and enjoys entering writing contests often.

I was reading her latest story, called “Catholic” when I noticed an icon featuring a tricycle with the word trifecta in it.  Checking it out, I learned it is a very challenging and unique writing contest.

They have a weekend challenge and a weekday challenge.  The weekend challenge is, well, challenging.  You have until Sunday night at 9pm to submit your story.  The story itself has to be 33 words.  No more and no less.  To see how well Scriptor Obscura tames the challenge, you have to read her work.


Lady Obscura, thank you for liking my work and introducing me to this unique writing challenge.  I look forward in seeing how we each view the opening line for the challenge every week and how we create our stories around it.

I also encourage you guys to enter the contest as well.  There is nothing better than the mix of curiosity and friendly competition to build up the creative process.  More importantly, taking a challenge just to see if you can do it is fun.  Here’s the link.

I’ll be posting my submissions here on my blog so you can enjoy or cringe from them as well.

This is going to be fun!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts of: Scriptor Obscura and the Trifecta Challenge.

  1. Aww, thank you so much! I am truly honored that you would mention me so kindly here. I am smiling now! You have made my night here. Thank you very, very much for this, I never ever would have expected in a million years that anyone would write such a kind and friendly blog post mentioning me. This really means a lot to me, and I am so glad that I have introduced you to the Trifecta writing challenge! I am truly touched by this blog post. What a kind, sweet, lovely gesture this is, of open and sweet friendship to a complete stranger. I truly appreciate it. You are so nice. 🙂

    • I am interested to see your entries to the Trifecta challenges in the upcoming weeks…Looking forward to seeing more of your writing 🙂

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  3. You’re welcome. I meant everything I said. You are a great writer and your replies show what a great person you are too. I am very glad to meet you.

    And congratulations on winning the weekend Trifecta contest. 🙂

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