Thank you and congratulations

I wanted to thank everyone that checked out my blog and voted for me over the weekend.  Because of you, I had the most traffic to date!  It was amazing and impressive.  Thank you very much.

I hope you enjoyed my shorts for the contest and wandered around my older posts.  I am roughly just over two months into writing these blogs and plan on doing a lot more, so come on over as much as you want and see what new things I write.

I also plan on continuing with these contests.  They’re fun!  I like the fact that they give the topic, so there is something new and different from my usual thoughts.

And I want to congratulate Scriptor Obscura for winning the contest with her story called, “Waiting” .

I also want to congratulate the people who tied for second place.  To have a five way tie shows how talented these people are.

Feast After Famine with her story, “The Other Woman”

Edward Hotspur for “Beside Himself”

Barbara for “Purple Moose”

Karen  for “Lost”

And Running Naked With Scissors for her story.

Check them out.  They are all good.  🙂

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