Thoughts of: the other world

I’m late.  I know.

The other world paid a call today.  You know which one.  The world we live in outside our little electronic boxes.  The annoying one where we do the 9 to 5, 7:30 to 4 for me, thing and then run to our shelters for some work there before escaping to this life.

Today there is little time for the electronic world.

Today the bed is stuffed into my bathroom in various pieces.  The dressers and cabinets clog the living room, the carpet is gone, and there is a fresh coat of light green paint in the bedroom.

It’s been going on for about a week now, but tomorrow is the big day when the new carpeting comes.  Once it is in, we can start putting things back together.

The old carpet had held on quite well.  It lasted eleven years and through eight pets.  (Not at the same time.  I’m not that crazy.)  It was a reddish/purple color that had to be chosen to match the ungodly evil eighties pink tile bathroom.  (I live to see it gone.)

The room has been painted differently about four times now.  It was green before, but a different hue and shade.  (more yellow and darker than the new choice.)  To better tie the old paint with the rest of the house, I was forced to suggest painting one accent wall pink.  (See, Transparentguy, even guys who drive pickup trucks and use chainsaws will have a wall painted pink when needed.)  Then it was painted a nice blue with white trim.  I actually liked this color best, but it didn’t go with the rest of the house.  So when it was deemed that the carpet must go, my wife repainted and reaccessorized again.

The carpet we chose is greyish silver in color and will go well with the floor tile in the bathroom and the green walls of the bedroom.  It will be nice once its put together.   I’ll miss the blue, but am satisfied with the new colors and my wife is again happy to be doing something constructive with the house.

It’s one of those outside distractions that can seem annoying, but in reality its more of one of life’s mini adventures that is so common that we don’t talk about it.

I think I’ll stop now and take in the moment of chaos.

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