Daydreams of: The Perfect Candidate

A solitary figure stares out the window from the highest building in the metropolis.  Large double door open dramatically as a man rushes inside.

“Sir!  We’ve found the perfect candidate!”  The man raves as he waves his tablet triumphantly overhead.

“Let me see your data.”  He states holding out his hand.

The underling enthusiastically hands over the tablet.  “Yes sir!”  He practically vibrates with excitement as he waits his master’s judgment.

Gliding his finger up the screen, the man nods his approval.  “Free from moral corruption or connections.  Free from offensive sexual language and the use of obscenity.  Finally, he observes the rules of engagement.  Why indeed, he is perfect.  Find someone else.”

The underling’s face falls in disbelief.  “Find another?  But sir, you asked us to use our prototype computer to search the entire United States to find the one person who would be best for our country and our future.  And we’ve found him!  Why would you toss aside the one person who can lead us to a better tomorrow and have us pick a lesser person?”

The man tossed the tablet on the gleaming marble floor.  “Because no one will vote for this one.  He’s too clean.”

Submitted for your enjoyment and the Trifecta Challenge

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