Ramblings of: Many Hats.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that you need hats.

Hats are absolutely essential when traveling near or far.  Hats protect you from the heat of the day as well as the UV rays from the sun.  They can keep the rain off you, or collect the rain in a pinch.

Hats can serve as a fan, a basket, or a hiding spot for your wallet.  A hat can tell other’s your mood for the day or accentuate the adventure you are undertaking at the moment.

A hat can be frivolous and joyful or dark and moody.  The way you wear your hat also lets the world know your disposition at the time.  Brim up and you are open to others.  Brim down and you want to be left alone.  Brim slanted sideways means you are in a flirtatious mood and easy to talk to.  Some hats complete an outfit while others are purely utilitarian.  Whatever come your way there’s a hat that fits.

Here’s a few of mine.

A good Florida winter hat for when in a downtown event or going from shop to shop.

My hiking/camping/horseback riding hat

The perfect concert hat

My utilitarin hat.  I wear when going long distsnces in the heat and when it’s raining

(which is why it’s out of shape in the pic)

4 thoughts on “Ramblings of: Many Hats.

  1. That first photo of all of the hats lined up together would look really neat as a blog header, I think. Also, I like hats. I wish that women wore more hats too, and that it was more accepted for women to wear hats…I think fedoras look really handsome myself…

  2. I often wore a cowboy hat when I was lucky enough to sport long hair and it always looked pretty neat(even though I say so myself). However, advancing years meant less and less hair was staying attached to my head and suddenly my long serving hat was too big and didn’t look right anymore. I’ve tried on many different ones since then but they just don’t sit right. I must have a funny shaped head. Shame, I used to like my hat.

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