Ramblings of: Florida’s wild side

I had a unique encounter today and wanted to share it with you.  While fetching supplies for the day job, landscaping, a man pulled up with an unexpected cargo in his trailer.  A wild hog.

The hog was caught because the area it inhabited is being developed and the hog was a danger to the people working there and itself.  The trapper said that this hog weighed around 200 pounds and had “eaten through” the wire on one of his  humane traps.  He also thinks this hog was responsible for bending the threshhold of another trap allowing it to life the trap door open.

Here’s some more pictures of “him”.  (I decidedly didn’t get close enough to personally determine the sex of the animal.  I figured you wouldn’t mind.)

He seems pretty calm, doesn’t he.  Almost tame.  Don’t let his looks fool you.  If anything the hog was a little tired from trying to get free from the cage and would literally tear through anything in his way if he could make a break for it.  Wild hogs will also attack a person encroaching on its territory.

It’s ironic. The Spanish brought over hogs from Europe and set them free so they would have living food stores when they revisited the New world, and now we have to deal with the results of this “Invasive Exotic” as we further change the landscape to fit our growing population.


4 thoughts on “Ramblings of: Florida’s wild side

  1. We also have cattle here that were brought by the Spanish and set loose. Over a few generations, the Pineywoods Cattle adapted to the environment in Florida and became the perfect cattle for the scrub-land. While the Pineywoods have almost been crossbred out of existence, Florida still has a big beef industry.

    Wild hogs roam all over the area where I grew up. My brother and his friends used to hunt them and have those big drunken mess hog roasts.

    • I didn’t know you’re from Florida. Cool!

      Yep. Florida is number two in the U.S. cattle industry from what I’ve heard.

      I also heard that marinating the meat in orange juice over night will take all the gaminess away.

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