Thoughts on Dreams

Do you dream?  Not at night but in and about your life.  Do you dream?

If so, you’re the lucky ones for there is evidence that some people don’t dream.  Worse yet, some are children.

On Wednesday, Sightsnbytes’Blog posted how he asked a ninth grade student body what were their dreams; what plans they had for the future; and how did they plan on attaining those dreams.  To his horror, he found out that they really didn’t have any plans for the future.  They didn’t dream.

This is horrible!  I can’t envision a worse situation.  Even a prisoner will at least dream of being free.  If you don’t dream, you don’t live.

It could be argued that ninth graders don’t really know what they want to do with their lives, but I’ll argue that the dream doesn’t have to be realistic and set it stone.  It just has to be a dream.

I can even tell you what some of my greater dreams were back in the ninth grade era.

  •  I wanted to be a rock star!  Journey was and still is my favorite band and I wanted to sing just like Steve Perry.  I played my records and tapes so loud and so often that I drove my brother to hate Journey with a passion that rivaled my love for them.

What happened to that dream?  I sang in class and in turn was introduced to madrigals.  I took that class for the next two years until cuts in the school funding killed it.

  • I wanted to travel to exotic destinations.  I was hooked on the long distance explorations that Gary and Monika of the Turtle Expedition and dreamed of going to places they wrote about in a modified four wheel drive pick-up with a slide in camper like they do.

What happened to that dream?  I took my first car, a 1983 Dodge K-wagon, from Detroit, Michigan to Binghamton, New York via the state highways and back through Canada.  I saw Niagara Falls three times in this car as well as the finger lakes and a final long trip to Florida with a stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

I took various other vehicles to other States and destinations, and I have owned two four wheel drive pick-up trucks with the dream of going to Baja one day.

  • I wanted to work for Car and Driver magazine.  What person wouldn’t want to get paid to drive beautiful fast cars in exotic parts of the world and write about the experience.  That doesn’t include the byproduct of becoming a road warrior/hero as well.

What happened to that dream?  I worked at a car wash where GM and Chrysler would send in their test mules for cleaning and to test the various door and window seals for leaks.  I was able to drive a Renault Twingo, a Cadillac Catera, and other cars before Car and Driver wrote about them in their magazine.

Later on I sold Saturns and was asked to help out at the Greenville, South Carolina auto show.  I did such a good job that the lady working the Saturn display with me offered me a job at the end of the show.  For some reason, my wife did not like the idea of me being on the road for six months with “Gorgeous” female models.  Go figure.

The point is, I had dreams and in one extent or another, I made them come true.  They may not have been exactly what I wanted but I enjoyed them.  And I haven’t stopped dreaming yet.

I dream of traveling more to the west coast of the country and overseas.

I dream of publishing that novel I wrote.

I dream of making this blog my career.

I dream of doing more, seeing more, getting paid more, and living life more.

Dreams are the beacon off in the distance that guides us to where we want to go.  Without them we are adrift on an uncertain sea, lost in the fog.

So I ask you again.  Do you dream?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dreams

    • Well folks, I refused to win the huge lottery prize and now the sun will not explode tomorrow. You may thank me if you wish.

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