Thoughts of: Playing it safe.

Thoughts of:  Playing it safe.

The old man looked at me and said, “Gene, You got it made here.  Never try to find a better job.”

His words took me aback.  Never try to find a better job? What a thing to say!

In a way, I can understand his reasoning for his thoughts.  He was raised during the depression, quit high school to work in the coal mines, was drafted into the war, and then worked at various factories until he retired.  Growing up in that era with those experiences made him very cautious and wary of change.  The big problem is that he doesn’t realize that he, himself, left to find better things as he went through life.  He got his GED while in the Army; he learned new skills during and after the war; and he moved to create better opportunities for him and his family.

I will also give him a little leeway when it comes to his opinion of education.  He grew up in an era where you didn’t need a college degree for industrial/factory work.  If you tried to apply to an automotive factory now, they are going to want some college computer skills to come with you.  Other factories are going to ask for vocational skills.  It’s a rare company that will train you on the job these days.  Why limit yourself?

That’s the question that came immediately to my head when he said never look for a better job.

Why limit yourself?  Why limit yourself to one job, one town, one car, one life?  Ok.  I don’t mean live two or more lives at the same time, that’s just bad tv.  But why not grow and evolve as new experiences come up and challenge your points of view?  I’ll be honest; I never want to do the jobs I did when I was in High school and just out of college again.  I have no passion for them and I am also way too out of shape for one of them as well.  I also would pick a different major if I was going to college or tech school again.

Would I go back and change the things I did when I was younger, no.  Both the good and bad experiences I had make me who I am and influenced my choices to where I am today.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go further.  I’m sure you want to better yourself and your life in some way too.

Every blog I read is about a person trying new things and bettering themselves in one way or another.  Whether through travel, relating life experiences, religion, creative writing, or complete physical change; every one of you is searching for ways to make things better.

I’m glad to be part of the crowd.

Like you, I will always be on the lookout for that better job, that better education, that better choice, that better skill, that better goal.  And if I can’t find it, I’ll make it.

After all, why limit yourself?

One thought on “Thoughts of: Playing it safe.

  1. I mean to comment on this post days ago, if only to say how much I enjoyed it beyond hitting the “like” button. We’ve only got a certain number of days on this earth, and limiting their potential is such a crime. May we never be too old or set in our ways for new adventures!

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