Thoughts of: Yikes! Do you really want to know about me?

Lisa over at the Trifecta Challenge asked of everyone could talk a little about themselves.  So despite feeling like I’m at a job interview or fighting the irresistable urge to completely go nuts and outlandish with the answers, I humbly offer to you the questions that were given along with the answers.

  1. What is your name (real or otherwise)?   Eugene Yagley III
  2. Describe your writing style in three words.   Common but unique
  3. How long have you been writing online?   Roughly mid January 1012
  4. Which, if any, other writing challenges do you participate in?   None.  This is enough 😉
  5. Describe one way in which you could improve your writing.   Better quality control.
  6. What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?   Write like you speak
  7. Who is your favorite author?   Ursula K. LeGuin  (Earthsea series) 
  8. How do you make time to write?  That’s easy!  Just ignore everything else in life!  Work, sleep, eating….
  9. Give us one word we should consider using as a prompt. Remember–it must have a third definition.  Drive  (It took me a half hour skimming through the dictionary to find a word that worked!)
  10. Direct us to one blog post of yours that we shouldn’t miss reading.  Ramblings on: An Oragne Tree

So there you go.  Some useless information about me.  Now let’s see if any ofthese become questions in the next version of Trivia Pursuits.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts of: Yikes! Do you really want to know about me?

  1. Your name is regal sounding. Ursula LeGuin wrote some wonderful stories… the one you mention above “The Earthsea Series” is one I have not indulged myself in yet.

    Nice to see a bit more about you 🙂

    Should you want to find out more about Me you can see that here.

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