Daydreams of: The Outcast

She sat alone at the table.  The banquet was full and the tables spilling over, yet no one would move to hers.

No smiles were given, nor small talk or jokes.

Only hard stares, whispers, and scowls were handed to her.

Quite snippets of conversation made their way to her ears.

“Can you believe?”

“How dare she…”

“What a scandal.”

Her heinous crime against the people was leaving them in their dead-end jobs and trying to make a better life for herself.

Part of the ongoing saga that is the Trifecta Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Daydreams of: The Outcast

  1. Another interesting take on the prompt. I am still working on it… but I AM working on it. 😉

    It seems like this is unfortunately a familiar take for the smaller mindsets.

    • To use your word, unfortunately I based it on a real experience.

      A lady left her low paying tourist job in a very rural town to sell cars at Saturn. All her supposed friends thought she had become “uppity” and refused to speak to her.

      • That is so sad, so very sad. I have seen it happen so many times though. I was promoted once from a position that required me to wear a uniform, to a position where I was required to wear suit type attire. I was the same person, but I heard a group of the people I worked with say one to another “Don’t talk to her she’s with they who wear their own clothes now.” It bit, for a moment, and then I moved on. It doesn’t make any sense to me why people cannot just be happy for one another.

  2. Nice take on the prompt. Sad it’s a true story. Hope you can join us for the weekend prompt which is already up on the site. It’s community judging this weekend, so get your entry in and get voting!

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