Thoughts on: Beginners and enthusiasts

Are you an enthusiast?  I’m sure you are.  I can bet that there are one or two things that really get you excited.  Maybe it’s what you blog about.  I probably devour everything about it whenever possible.

I know I do.  I read magazines, listen to podcasts, scan multiple websites, and just burn through countless hours finding more information about my subjects of enthusiasm.

But I’ve noticed something; there is very little basic information for the beginner.  This is especially true with podcasts and les true for magazines.

Let’s use cars and motorcycles for example:  If you listen to the podcasts, you’ll hear about setting up for the big race, major modifications that include highly technical skill like welding, or going across country in 3 days or less without stopping for the bathroom.

You’ll also rarely hear about the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the vehicles themselves.  The big time or feature page is always for the glamour shot of the high-priced, high-zoot object.

Now I will admit that this is good for getting people excited about the subject in the first place, but how about stories and articles for the beginner.  Things that can be done while spending only gas.  Little ideas to improve skills or test the average vehicle without breaking the law or the bank.  How about a light fun challenge like having a yard sale scavenger hunt.  I’ll break that one down for you.

You have twenty or thirty items on a list, some standard, some goofy. Then the group of listeners or readers goes out on a specific day to collect the items.

Or you could do a picture/landmark challenge  (Have people run around taking pictures of themselves by mini golf courses or dressed in 80’s gear.)

Things that the beginner can get involved in while building up the money and excitement for the bigger ticket items.  If they choose!  If the people want they can happily keep going on with the lite challenges.

So, to all those out there podcasting or writing great blogs or articles about your passion help a beginner out and give them a lite fun thing to do.  Once the reader/listener starts at the large end of the enthusiast funnel, they will quickly pick up speed as they spiral down into the realm of major fanatic.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Beginners and enthusiasts

  1. This was always the struggle when I did the Handgun Podcast. Too advanced, and I was bombarded with foundational questions from those new to firearms. Too rudimentary, and I was blasted by the old timers as being a know-nothing noob. It’s a delicate balance to strike.

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