Daydreams of: Liking you

Dear Non-Wordpress Bloggers,

I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your posts this weekend.  I read every single one of them.  They were funny, sad, insightful, and enjoyable.  I just there was a like button to hit.

An honest expression to all my Trifecta Challenge Peeps.

7 thoughts on “Daydreams of: Liking you

  1. I am doing the A – Z blog challenge, which requires a post a day. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to engage with thoughtful comments, so the ‘like’ button is great for those days when I am trying to squeeze in everything. I find it time consuming leaving comments on some sites as they have the ‘no bots’ incription and verification processes. A ‘like’ button would be so nice!

  2. And, you can’t see when or if they reply to your comments. WP is about the relationship, and it’s easy to have actual conversations here. On other blogging platforms- not so much. I won’t name names, but I actually wrote about this issue …………………. (it was my “I’m a Snob” post). I appreciate the like button, and I particularly like the WP dashboard that shows me new comments so that I can answer from where ever I am on WP, and not just in my mail or on my site.

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