Daydreams of: Confidence

The lone author looked deep into the computer screen.  A heavy furrow lined his forehead as he tried to decipher what he had just seen.  He had just finished watching a tutorial video dealing with the technical side of the internet and he was left feeling like he had just seen a communique from an alien world.  It made no sense.

Below his chair, just off to the side, lay his faithful companion, Sadie.  Quiet and calm for once, Sadie acted as if she knew how frustrated her friend was.

Shaking his head, the author looked down and took Sadie in his confidence.

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”  He confessed.  “Should I replay the video or just admit defeat and call the help desk and risk looking like an idiot because I don’t understand the tutorials? I gotta get this done sometime.  I already paid for the program.  I might as well use it.”

Sadie replied by stretching her body and grabbing the ball that was lying nearby.

The author laughed.  “You’re right.”  He said.  “I set it aside for a while and come back to it after with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

Sadie wagged her tail.

Part of my continuing saga of the Trifecta Challenge.

22 thoughts on “Daydreams of: Confidence

  1. Ah, that’s a sweet way to deal with the topic. Computer programs can frustrate most people (even the ones that can do it with their eyes closed… er… em well close any way). I love how Sadie becomes his conscience in this piece.

  2. So often do we need “fresh eyes and a clear mind” in our lives! This wonderful story applies to so many things we do. I was convinced Sadie was a cat unti she wagged her tail; and I’m glad she agreed!

  3. Well done! Our pets have the good life simply for not needing computers! One of my cats tends to mew at me when I am on the computer for too long- thanks for the reminder to play more !

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