Thoughts of: A bucket list.

I have to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve never done one of these.  Honest!  Sure I had things I wanted to see, but they weren’t, “Must do before I die” kind of things.  But now I feel I have to look deep inside myself and see what I do want to experience before I die.  Why now?  Is it some mid-life crisis or some deep rooted fear of the dreaded Mayan clock?  Nah.   It’s because Lesley Carter from Bucket List Publications is asking for people to submit their list.  One lucky person will get a chance to do one thing on their list with her help.  Sounds like fun, right?

So here’s my first quandary:  Do I make the list just for me or do I include my wife.  She is a big part of my life and we many things together, but there are something’s that I want to do that she wants no part of and vise-versa.

Quandary number two:  Do I put a twist on the bucket list and make it, ”Things my wife will kill me for doing.”  I don’t mean something as tawdry as having an affair, or anything similar.  I mean like learning how to ride a motorcycle and riding cross country, or learning to fly a Sport-light Aircraft (Bigger than an ultra-light).

Either way it could be fun and entertaining.  (Of course I’d blog about it as long as my wife hasn’t killed me in the meantime.)

I see also that Leslie would like the list to have local items on it.  That makes sense.  Air fare and hotels are pricey.  Choosing something local also helps the local economy via advertisements.

After thinking about it, I’ve decided to mix in a little bit of everything.  Some items will be for me; some will be for me and the wife; some will be dangerous as in my-wife-will-kill me dangerous; one or two will be long distance, and all will be fun.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my first official Bucket List!

*Not in any semblance of order

Take the fast boat to Key West

Visit Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of  Harry Potter

Take the standard course at Tom Brown Jr’s tracking school.  (Great for my hikes in the woods.)

2 Day driving school at Skip Barber in Sebring

Learn to ride a horse at Riding Star Ranches  (Western Style)

Take and ECHO Global Farm tour

Fly in a Piper Cherokee

Go Ghost hunting in St. Augustine

Rent a Porsche Carrera for a day and tool around Sarasota

I’m sure I could think of more if given enough time, but that’s a good start.  What’s on your list?

Witre one up and send it in to Lesley at Bucket List Publications.  Who knows?  You might cross one off sooner than you think.

Submit your bucket lists to: Put “Bucket List” in the subject line. Include your name, blog address, current city/town & country See for an example bucket list. 

7 thoughts on “Thoughts of: A bucket list.

  1. It sounds like a fun list to me… and I kinda like the “things my wife will kill me for doing” list too, maybe you should make both!

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