Daydreams of: The pusher

Tom entered the store on a mission.  List in hand, he knew exactly what to get.  Grabbing a cart, he headed off to the first isle where a man stood behind a small cloth-covered table.

“Good Morning” the man greeted mildly with a smile.  “Care to try one?”

Tom looked down and saw two bowls filled with foiled wrapped squares.  In one bowl the foil was red, in the other, the foil was blue.

“What are they?”  Tom asked.

“Chocolate.”  The man replied.  “The red is dark, the blue is milk.”

Forcing himself to avoid the obvious “Alice in Wonderland” and “Matrix” commentary, Tom said, “I’ll try the blue.”

“Here you go.”  The man said as he handed three squares to Tom.

Tom unwrapped one and popped it into his mouth.  His eyes widened at the smoothness of the candy.  Even his favorite candy bar seemed waxy in comparison.  No doubt this was top shelf chocolate.

“Good huh?”  The man asked from behind the table.

Tom nodded while savoring the melting square in his mouth.

“They’re on sale today.”  The man offered.  “Two for one.”

“Really.” Tom thought aloud.

“Yes.”  The man answered.  “And I also have this coupon for you.  A dollar off.

Tom took the coupon.  “A dollar off?”

“A dollar off.”  Came the reply.

Tom threw two bags in the cart and commenced with his shopping.

When he got home, his wife helped him unpack.

“Honey, what are these?” She asked, looking at the bag.

Tom nonchalantly answered, “Chocolate.  They’re good.  They were on sale and the guy had a coupon.”

“Mmmmm.” His wife cooed as she savored one.

“I got them for you.”  He said with a smile.

Brought to you for the Trifecta Challenge where the object is to tell three truths and one lie this weekend.

24 thoughts on “Daydreams of: The pusher

  1. I can never remember which pill was which. Since I like red, I’d be inclined to try that one. But wait- which pill was the truth? Heh. Are you the Ace to Deus?

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