Daydreams of: Rendevoux

Ever have a story you wanted to tell, but could never get it right?  Well this one is mine.  I first told it roughly three years ago and it completely flopped.  It goes to the music and just did not stand by itself.  Today I’m trying again with the music.  Before you start reading, just hit “play” and follow along.  I have e it numbered where the changes come in according to the video, but once it gets going, you should be able to tell by the changes of instuments and tone.  If you do like it, show Journey some love and click on their link.  I have no ties to them except from being a fan and get no money for anything related.  Mainly I just want you to enjoy! 



0:04 Opening Scene – The morning  light shines softly over the airport as planes take off and land with choreographed precision.  Inside one of the airplanes, a lady slowly filters through the knot of people in the narrow aisle to find her seat. With care she sows her carry on overhead. Sitting down, she sends off a quick text saying, “Meet me @ SFO”.  Turning off her phone, she looks out the window as the flight attendant drones through the safety precautions.  She feels a slight bump. A stop.  And then hears the engines whine just before the plane takes off.

1:19 – A young man throws on a bright red helmet as he sprints across the yard.  Throwing himself onto a motorcycle, he starts it with a roar and tears off in a billow of smoke.

1:40 – The plane glides through the air.

1:47 – The motorcycle flies down the road.

1:54 – The lady reads from a magazine from the comfort of her reclining chair.

2:00 – The motorcycle weaves through increasing traffic.

2:17 –She takes a look out the window.

2:23 – He leans forward and shifts gears.

2:29 – The lady is offered a drink from the attendant.

2:36 – Faster!  Faster!  Faster!  Go! Go! Go!Slam on the brakes!

It’s a bottleneck.  The heat and tension instantly rises as the traffic slowly crawls forward.

2:58 – The lady swirls her glass while checking her Facebook page.

3:04  – Traffic clear, the man drops the hammer.

3:11 – The plane starts its descent.

3:18 – The big hill.  Climb it.  Climb it! Faster!  Faster! Faster! Flight!

Right in front of the waiting police car.

“Holy Crap!”

“Look out!”


“Get Him!”

“Go! Go! Go! Go!”

The bike lands hard causing a dramatic shower of sparks.

Lights on.  Siren on.  In pursuit.

The man leans forward and cuts through traffic, weaving and bobbing like a wide receiver, using the other vehicles as blockers against the wider squad car.  Hard braking and wild turns, the young man takes a chance; he squeezes in between two slow moving trucks.   The squad car slams on its brakes.

Losing the police, he tears his way to the airport.  Jumping off the bike he races to the main terminal.

Run! Run! Run! Run!

Up the escalator he goes, pushing his way through the people to get to the flight board.

Move!  Move!  Move!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

4:35 – There his crest falls. The flight is delayed.

He lets out a deep breath as he takes off his helmet.

4:46 – He looks sadly around him as the people look back with anger, confusion, or fear in their eyes.  The man just stands there, not trying to explain.

5:13 – Two TSA agents run up and quickly slam him onto the ground.

The young man does not resist when they put the cuffs on.

5:32 – The man looks down as he is taken away in the back of a squad car.

5:54 – The lady steps out of the gate and looks around for her expected boyfriend.


Topaz – Journey

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