5 thoughts on “Disabling the comment follow button.

  1. I did the same thing. I know online stores and businesses always have “sign up for special offers” boxes and the like checked by default. But that’s not what blogging should be.

  2. Gene, I don’t see one on my WP blog, if you don’t mind checking it for me to be sure that it is not there, I would appreciate that. And if it is, please tell me where to turn it off. 🙂 Thank you!

    • No Problem.

      Yep, it’s there when you start typing in the comment box. A little check box with the wrods follow comment appears and the box is automaticly checked.

      Jmmcdowell was the one that spotted this and figured out how to disable it.
      She did such a great job of explaining it that I’m just going to cut and paste her directions.

      Go to your Dashboard, and under Settings, click on “Discussion.” This will bring up a page with various options. Scroll down and you should see three options:

      Comment Reply Via Email — Enable sending comment replies via email

      Follow Comments — Show a ‘follow comments” option in the comment form

      Follow Blog — Show a ‘follow blog’ option in the comment form

      I had to uncheck each box and then click save to make the changes “stick.” When I just unchecked the “follow comments” option, it came back as checked when I saved.

      As long as you have a “Follow Blog” widget in your sidebar or footer, people can still follow your blog by email by clicking that widget. The “Follow Blog” option in the comment section is just another place readers could click.

      Thanks JM for giving us the how-to on this.

      PS: Love the Sky Diving post, Rain

      • Thank you so much Gene, and JM! I hope that worked, I had to do it twice and I don’t see the checkbox on my own blog 🙂 If you catch it there again hollah, I don’t want people bogged down with tons of posts either!

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