Thoughts of: My own “Top Gear” special

Have you ever seen an episode of Top Gear?  It’s a British car show that’s hilarious.  Well, most of the time.   Three guys try to do semi-serious car reviews and drive some ungodly expensive exotics on great destinations, but best part of the show come from their challenges.

A challenge during the regular season is to take a mundane used car and do some odd-ball thing with it.

For Example:

Buy a used van and start a moving business.

Buy a used midsized “safe” sedan and crash it into a barrier.

Buy a late Sixties sports car race against a modern economy car racer.  (MG verses a Focus with lowered suspension and bad paint job.)

They’ve also done some things with travel trailers that is best not mentioned here, but at mid-season or at the end, Top Gear goes on some magnificent adventures.

California to the Bonneville Salt Flats in American muscle/sport cars

Vietnam on motorcycles

South America in SUVs that were bought sight unseen on the internet.  (Kinda like on-line dating.)

It’s these adventures I’d like to emulate with my two buds.

One is my brother.  He’s a very accomplished guy who has traveled all over the country for his job and flies to England every so often with his wife.

The other bud is our friend, Bill.  He’s a guy we’ve known since 7th grade and still keep in contact with.

And here’s the challenge.  Trying to get us all to agree on something to do.

I’d want to do something wild like buy some small engine motorcycles and go through the Smokies with them.  Camp on the road side and eat from a can.

My brother prefers renting a mini clubman, staying at 5 star hotels, and eating at unique but trendy restaurants.

Bill would rather just stay at home and just watch it all from the computer.  A tree’s a tree after all.

Trying to find common ground and motivation for something of this magnitude is like trying to get congress to work.  Everyone had a great idea but can’t get the others to agree.

One day I’ll figure it out. Bill needs another great adventure in his life and I’m sure I can modify an itinerary to fit everyone’s tastes in one fashion or another.  (Side trips, places of interest, ect…)

As for the wives, I think that’s the easiest part.  What woman wouldn’t like a week off from her husband?


PS:  For all you T.G. fans, can you pick what host of Top Gear each of us would be?

8 thoughts on “Thoughts of: My own “Top Gear” special

  1. How about running what the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) calls a ‘fun road rally’? Three guys alternating stints as driver, navigator and passenger. You get to travel, do and see things in a lightly competitive setting and costs should be reasonable.

  2. I meant to “like” this when it came out but got distracted. My apologies. Although everybody likes Jezza the best, clearly you have to be Hamster or Captain Slow because Clarkson doesn’t like bikes (which bewilders me).

    An idea for a trip could be to fly out to L.A. and then do 2-3 off-road motorcycle trip through the Mojave to end up in Las Vegas. There are guided tours, and you can satiate your brother by staying in nice hotels as bookends to the trip.

    • I love the idea! Of course, while in the deseret I’ll have to scream, “Rommel! You magnificent bastard! I read your book!”

      I also have to say that of the three Top Gear guys, I am most like Hammond. My younger brother is Jezza for certain.

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