Thoughts of: Reality Check

As the light turned red, I slowly hit the brakes.  Coming to a stop, I looked around to see a bird hopping across the street.  It was a youngish bird that I guessed to be in its “teens”.

“Hello.” I said in a light voice.  “How are you?”

The bird looked up at with an inquisical look on its face.

“You should be careful.”  I warned.  “It’s rush hour and drivers might not see you.”

The bird hopped along the dividing curb a few inchers before bending to the ground.  When it straightened up a lizard wiggled in its mouth.  The bird chomped at the little lizard a few times before swallowing it.

Looks like I gave the warning to the wrong creature.

The light turned green and I continued my way home for dinner.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of: Reality Check

  1. Aw, poor lizard. Nature is tough – every animal is another animal’s lunch. Can’t say I enjoy watching it though (last summer, we watched a hawk take care of a pigeon. My older son thought it was ‘cool’; it made me queasy!)

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