Daydreams of: Trouble

He stood at the counter as his wife stood over the stove.

His hand scooped out a large portion of batter from the tub as his wife sprinkled some seasoning into the pot.

The man poured the food coloring and blended it in as his wife chopped up some parsley.

He rolled out two pieces of dough, one colored and one plain, while his wife stirred the pot.

He wove the pieces together and shaped it into a cane as his wife lowered the heat.

He made multiple copies as his wife covered the pot.

He put the cookies in the oven and they waited together.

He put the finished cookies in a festively wrapped box as his wife wrapped towels around the pot.

He held the pot gingerly as his wife carefully drove to their destination.

He rings the bell as his wife stands in front of the door.

They shout, “Merry Christmas!” when her son opens the door.

He replies, “No trouble at all.” when the son thanks him for the cookies.

She pouts angrily as she is left abandoned in the cold doorway, holding her homemade stew.

Brought to you for the Trifecta Challenge.

22 thoughts on “Daydreams of: Trouble

  1. I like the rhythm of the story. He did this; she did that. He did this; she did that. That was really cool, and so was the little twist at the end.

  2. This leaves me with the feeling that although they work side by side as a team, that there’s little else there… No communication. No affection. Just getting the job done. How sad.

    • Total misrepresentation on my part. They were working together to make somehting nice for her eldest kid for Christmas. Both dishes were family traditions. I wanted to show that the mother worked every bit as hard as her husband, but was totally ignored in the end.

      • It’s just where my mind goes. Deeper than it needs to be sometimes. I got your intention too. And know the feeling all too well!

  3. I like how they worked together like a well-oiled machine. Poor child doesn’t know that Mama needs her credit 🙂 Poor hubby will probably have to pay for it, too!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Trifecta this week. It’s Christmas in May, and I love the unexpectedness of it. I, too, loved the parallel structure of your piece. Back and forth; he did, she did. You can tell the story is building to something. I’m left feeling pretty sympathetic for mom. Great job with the prompt.

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