Gossamer’s Wing

Chapter 1


Peter looked over the bow as the ship streamed across the water.  Looking down, he watched the froth of the breaking water ten stories below.  All around him was a vast void of sea and air.  The ship was an island unto itself.  Content, Peter drank deeply from the salt air.

A voice broke over the air.  “Pete, you gotta call.  It’s your wife.”

Pete jumped off his perch and raced to the communication room.  He couldn’t help thinking, “Damn you women are jealous.  Can’t think of one without the other calling for attention.”

“Hi Hon!”  He said as the jumped into the chair.  “How’s it going?”

“There you are!”  His wife said from the monitor.  “I didn’t think you were coming.”

“Well, you know how hard it is to drag myself away from my harem here on the ship.”  Peter teased.

“That’s ok.”  His wife replied, “I was talking to Timothy and we decided that he’ll be my backup just in case you fall overboard.”

“Don’t call upon the Devil!”   Timothy yelled before crossing himself and exiting the doorway.

Peter laughed.  “You shouldn’t so that honey.  You know how superstitious Tim is.”

“You shouldn’t have run out on your pregnant wife then; now shouldn’t you?”  She mocked.

“Ah, but it’s the only way to make some honest quick money for babies.”  He rebutted.

“Yes, but I miss you so much!”  She complained.

“I miss you too.”  He said.  “I’ll be home before you know it and for once, we’ll have some real seed money to get us on our way.”

“You just get home safe!”  She admonished.  “Money’s common, you’re one in a million.”

“And so are you.”  Peter cooed.  “I gotta go now and earn my pay.”

“I love you!”  The called out louder than necessary.

“I love you too.”  Peter replied before the screen cut off.

A large figure stood in the doorway.  “Thanks for not kissing the screen, kid.”

“No problem, boss.”  Peter said as he stood up.  “I’ll go down below and check on the cargo.”

“Good.”  His boss replied.  “Double check those tie-downs on the engines on deck three.  The weather might be fine now, but she’ll turn like a scorned bitch before you know it.”

“Yes sir!” Peter answered before heading down the hatch.

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