Daydreams of: Three wishes

A wild look of unbridled joy smeared Jack’s face as he held his elusive prey.

“Let me down!”  Came the cry from a little man caught in Jack’s ever tightening clutches.  “Let me down!”

“Only if you swear not to run away.”  Jack replied through his teeth.

“I swear it.”  Said the little man who was still struggling.

Jack shook his head.  “Swear by your name.”

“Swear by my name? Why I’ll…”  The little man squirmed valiantly against Jacks grip, but to no avail.

“Swear it.”  Jack threatened.

Giving up, the man agreed. “Fine!  I swear on my name as King Brian of the little people, I will not run away if you let me go.”

“Good” Jack said as he released his captive.  “Now that we’ve established that you are truly a leprechaun, I’ll have my wishes.”

“So you’ll be wanting me gold then, eh?”  Said King Brian.

“No.”  Jack replied “I won’t need money once my wishes come true.”

“Ah.”  Mused King Brian as he thumbed his fiery red beard.  “It’s power that ye be wishen for then.”

Jack shook his head with amusement.  “Nope.”

King Brian flustered and stomped around.  “Well don’t spend a lifetime making me guess and wait.  What are ye wishes?”

Jack smiled triumphantly.  “I want to be sexy forever.”

“Granted.”  King Brian said flatly.

“I want to be irresistible to women.”  Jack commanded.

King Brian nodded his head.  “Done.”

A wild look filled Jack’s eyes.  “And for my last wish, I want to understand women.”

“Your wish is granted.”  King Brian said with a bow.


Jack looked down to see the most voluptuous set of tits hanging from his chest.

“What the hell is this?”  He screeched in a high soprano shrill.

“I gave you what you wanted.”  King Brian said.

“I said I wanted to understand women, not become one!”  Jack hollered.

“Ah, but only a woman can truly understand women.”  King Brian answered with a smile before disappearing into thin air.

Brought to you for the Trifecta Challenge.

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