Daydreams of: Low Flight

The wind whipped past John’s ears, making a high-pitched hissing sound.  The tall tire in front of his yellow handlebars knifed the scenery before him.  Loose bits of asphalt dug into the low, fat tires that surrounded him like bookends.

Faster and faster he went until the rumbling sound of hard plastic on road was all he knew.

He was a speed demon.  The alley belonged to him.

Brought to you for the Trifecta Challenge.

18 thoughts on “Daydreams of: Low Flight

  1. Aw, this was charming. It brought back memories of racing down the hills (streets really) to see who could go the fastest, without a care in the world (except that of reaching the finish line first that is).

  2. I had a plastic tricycle like that, too. It was so noisy!

    Your descriptions were so unique – l like the ‘knifed the scenery’ and the ‘fat tires that surrounded him like bookends’.

  3. I love this because I responded to it on two levels. First, I wished I was him again. I KNEW that bike and I KNEW that alley, esp. with the broken asphalt. And then I was worried that he wouldn’t hear a car backing up. Where are his parents? That I was a little scared for him is a tribute to how well you did.

  4. This is fantastic! I remember feeling so jealous of the boys in our apt complex who rode these. I finally worked up the courage to ask if I can have a ride, and your descriptions fit my memory of that ride perfectly!

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