Thoughts of: Digital Doomsday!


The words splashed large and heavy on my computer screen.

“What did they mean?”  I thought to myself as I read the ominous message. “Was Europe rally that angry about putting sensors in the soccer ball and goals?  Did Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney get together and create their own boy band?”

No, it was something more sinister.

An evil piece of Malware called “DNSchanger” had been hiding in the depth of hundreds of thousands of computers round the world waiting to strike.  On Monday it would strike and strike hard leaving untold amounts of frustration as the unknowing victims would not be able to go online…  AT ALL!

That’s right!  This digital piece of evil when in effect will completely block the user from going online.

This is serious.

Not just for us bloggers, but for everyone who uses the computer to connect with the word, do business, create logistics, or transfer information.

For example utility workers:  Right now they have their hands full dealing with the disaster of the derecho.  They need computers to send and receive schematics for wiring, locations of underground pipes and conduit, and keep a list of where to go next when the repair is done.

Another example is a small internet company:  Whether selling hard items or information, you need the internet to make sales, write reports, post new reviews, and complete deadlines.

DNSchanger stops this vital movement from happening.

So what to do?

Luckily the FBI is on it.  They have created a PDF that gives you step by step instructions on how to check for the malware and a Recovery PDF to get rid of it.

Here’s the link:

With this you can take unilateral action to make sure your computer is secure and not worry about the world ending in three days.

There is no reason to panic.

Unless you have the image of Clinton and Cheney singing, “Just you and I” stuck in your head.

Using the Trifecta Challenge to get the word out.

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13 thoughts on “Thoughts of: Digital Doomsday!

  1. our world is so dependent on the accessibility of the internet that to not be able to go on it, well… one wonders how we functioned without it! i don’t think i could manage. then again, i did at one point in my life, as we all did. haha

  2. How will we get our prompt on Monday? Checked out all computers and routers the other day. Not fun, but at least I know we’re good to go. I hope…

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