Daydreams of: Pride

Henry stood still with his gun drawn.  Three paces across from him stood five men, each frozen in mid stance as they pondered their next move.

“I wouldn’t try anything if I was you.”  Henry said in icy calm as he his knuckles turned pale against the grip of the gun.

One of the men boldly spoke back.  “You can’t get us all.”

“Maybe not.”  Henry said as he pointed his revolver at the young buck.  “But I’ll wager you’ll be first.”

“Shut up George!”  Replied another in the group, two men down.   “Bill!  What’re we gonna do?”

“We’re gonna wait.”  Bill said in a calm and steady voice.  “We’re all gonna wait.”

“You’re gonna drop your guns, is what you’re gonna do.”  Henry ordered as his eyes moved from man to man.

Bill looked at Henry and replied, “Mister.  That’s not going to happen.  The way I see it, you’re only fast enough to get one or two of us; after that the rest’ll plug you good and right.”

Henry silently lamented not listening to the rancher’s advice.

“Don’t stop at the way station.”  He admonished.  “It’s full of drovers and thieves.  They’ve got no roots and no convictions.  You’d be smart to stay away.”

Henry did put much stock in the rancher’s words.

“Yella talk from a Lilly.”  He had convinced himself.

He could handle it.  After all, he survived the war.  After all that blood and fire, a little thing like a bunch of lilies at saloon shouldn’t be nothin’.

Henry’s eyes locked onto Bill.

“The way I see it,” Henry said as he shifted his weight slightly forward.  “You owe me a lunch.  Now you and your boys can try to skin leather, but I know I got the draw.”

Bill looked into Henry’s eyes and smiled wickedly.


Henry fell sideways to the floor, his gun skipping across its planks.

Bill took three steps and looked down at Henry.

“Didn’t expect that now did ya?”  Bill sneered in delight as a man walked through the back doorway, smoke issuing from the barrel of his shotgun.

“See, while you had the drop on us, we had the drop on you.”

Henry gasped desperately as Bill stepped back from the blood flowing and pooling on the floor.

Picking up Henry’s gun, Bill looked at his gang.

“Drink up boys!”  He said with a triumphant smile.  “The drinks are on him!”

The gang roared in laughter as Henry gasped his last.

5 thoughts on “Daydreams of: Pride

  1. Great story, nicely told. Shows you always need to watch your back or have a pal around to do that for you.

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