Daydreams of: A Wish Fulfilled

John’s footsteps echoed as he walked down the empty street.  No cars moved past him.  No acrid exhaust filled his nostrils.  No blaring radio or roaring engine assaulted his ears.  All was eerily silent.

Finding his favorite corner store, John turned the handle and pushed the door.  The twin bells twinkled softly, startling John and causing him to twist his head upward.  Shaking off the moment, he moved to the refrigerated booths and pulled out a Pepsi.  As his hand twisted the cap, John looked around.  Not a soul around.  No movement, no disturbance.  As he strolled past the counter, he absently grabbed a Dove bar before opening the door.

Back outside, he looked down the street.  Not a soul was to be found.  There was no noise, no music, no talking, no yelling, no movement, nothing.  An absence of life filled the world around him.

“Damn you!” John yelled into the empty air.  “This is not what I meant when I wished for some damned peace and quiet!”

My latest entry for the Trifecta Challenge.

14 thoughts on “Daydreams of: A Wish Fulfilled

  1. Hahaha! I’ve made the same wish. Living in a city of over 4 million people, it always seems people are in the same place I need to be 🙂

    Makes me wonder if I’d regret the wish if it came true. A Pepsi and Dove bar in solitude does sound pretty good!

  2. Awesome 😀 I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be the only person on the planet…. great at first… then you would realise what a lonely existence you live 😀 Fantastic piece of writing! 😀

  3. I like this story and the details you put in to convey peace and quiet! 😀 I guess we have to be careful what we wish for but I wouldn’t mind spending a little time there every once in a while!

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