Thoughts of: Waiting and Role models

This was going to be a completely different post than I had expected.  The post I wanted to write was focused on the recent success and celebrity of one of our fellow bloggers.  I was very excited when I found out about it from their social media pages, but soon realized that they hadn’t posted a thing about it on their own blog yet.  Well I’m not going to steal their thunder by blogging about it before they do.  That would be wrong; so to that person, Congratulations!  That is awesome!  You deserve every bit of notoriety.  Enjoy it.

I also wonder if this person knows that they are a role model too.  And a good one at that.  This person has eschewed the standard definition of living to meet life on their own terms.  They have done this without backstabbing or crushing people along the way.  Then I stopped and thought about it.

Everyone that I’ve met in our blogosphere is a role model.  You’ve all decided to be more than what the definition of what a modern person is to be.  You refuse to limit yourself to just your work.  You present items and ideas from different angles prompting us to question our own views of the subject.  You find beauty in everyday items.  You take us with you on your travels to exotic lands or across the street to your favorite store.  You dig deep to explain why you prefer this item to that.  You look inward and bring out the most beautiful creative writings that are about some of the darkest subjects just before turning around and showing us the lighthearted moments of everyday life.  You all show that passion, creativity, and expression are still alive and flourishing.  You show the positive and that’s why you are all role models.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of: Waiting and Role models

  1. As much as I like some of your trifecta challenges, these posts where you speak from your own voice are my favorites. So thank YOU!

    • Glad you like them. Sometimes I think I’m sermonising too much in them, but given that my carrer test put priest.minister as my number 3 job choice…

      (I still don’t see it happening. LOL)

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