Daydreams of: Halloween Horror – The ties that bind – Part 1

Janice stared intently at the screen.  “Come on.  Come on.”  She muttered as if her will would tip the balance and give her the result she desperately needed.

Slowly two molecules, one healthy and one damaged, connected and the electrons of the healthy molecule tied into gaps of the damaged one creating a new two molecule structure that was strong and stable.

“Yes!  That’s it!”  Janice yelled in triumph, jumping out of her battered chair.

Taking a vial of liquid out from a drawer in her desk, Janice carefully set into the machine.  Quickly she spun around and tapped strongly on her keyboard.  With one punch of the ENTER key automation took over and the programming went through its sequence.

“Working late I see.”  Came a voice behind her.

Janice spun around in a panic.  “Oh Tom.”  She said with a sigh of relief. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

Tom leaned on the dust mop in his hands.  “Focused on that project of yours again.  I heard you whoop for joy.  Did you finally figure out the Colonel’s secret spices?”

“Better.”  Janice replied.  “I figured out the perfect martini.”

Tom pointed to the centrifuge.  “Spun not shaken?”


“Tom laughed lightheartedly.  “Well that’s good.  I let you back to your work; just leave me glass when you leave.”

“You got it.”  Janice said with a wink.

Early in the morning Janice pulled into a parking lot.  Walking through the automatic sliding doors, she stopped at the front desk.

“Here to see George again?”  Asked the elderly lady behind the desk.

“Um-Hum.”  Janice nodded as she deftly signed her name to the clipboard.

“He is so lucky to have a daughter like you.”  That lady said wistfully.  “Most of our people don’t get visits like George.  Oh sure, their family comes for holidays or every now and again; but never on a constant basis like you.”

“Thanks, Linda.  How’s he doing today?”  Janice asked.

“Not too bad.”  Linda replied as she checked her paperwork.  He slept very well last night.  He didn’t try to wander out at all.”

“That’s rare.”  Janice commented.

“That’s true.” Linda agreed.  “George is our little explorer around here.”

“I better go see what he’s getting into then.  Just to be safe.”

Linda smiled, bemused, “Have a good day then.”

“You too.”  Janice replied as she headed towards the elevator. Exiting on the third floor, she turned to the first door on her left and knocked before entering.

“Good morning father.”  She said as she set her belongings down.

A gaunt old man with a scruffy beard looked up in fear at the nurse sitting next to him.

“It’s alright.”  The nurse said, comforting the old man.  “That’s Janice, your daughter.  Good morning Janice”

Janice gave a sad smile.  “Good morning, Terry.”

“He’s doing good today.”  Terry said, trying to reassure Janice.  “He ate all his breakfast and washed up all by himself.”

“That’s good.”  Janice replied.

“His favorite show is on right now.  Do you want to watch with him?”

Janice nodded.

“George.”  Terry called him as he looked at the TV.  “Janice is going to watch the show with you, ok?”

George looked on unresponsive as Terry got up.  “He’ll be fine.  I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Thanks, Terry.”  Janice said as she heard the door close behind her.  “Father?”  She said as she patted the old man’s shoulder.  “I have good news for you.  I found a cure.  You don’t have to suffer anymore.  You’re going to be normal again.”

And with that she pulled the vial out of her purse.

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