Daydreams of: Halloween Horror – The ties that bind – Finale

Warning and disclaimer  This story has adult language and situations.  I’d rate it an “R”.  Don’t let children read.


“You want to take me in and run some tests, don’t you?”  George said as he walked to the passenger side of the car.

Janice gave a mixed look of surprise and fear in response as her father got inside.

“Why, yes.”  She said as she started the car while trying to gain her composure.  “You’ve shown an unimaginable comeback from such a high stage of Alzheimer’s.   We should study and document your results.”

“Hogwash.”  George replied.  “You’re worried that the drug you gave me had some sort of side effect and you want to know how bad it is.  Tell the truth.”

Janice agreed hesitantly.  “There is that concern, but really I do think that we need to record your progress.”

“Bullshit.”  George argued in a huff.  “Let’s go.  You’re gonna nag until we do it anyway.”

Janice pulled out of the parking lot and headed to her lab.

George looked up and saw a ridiculous smile on his daughter’s face.

“Now Dad, you don’t have to worry.”  She soothed.  “This is a CT scan machine or Cat scan if you will.  It just takes pictures of your brain.  It’s noisy, but it doesn’t hurt.  Think of it as if being inside a large Polaroid camera.”

George snapped back at Janice.  “Quit patronizing me girl!  I’m not some drooling, dim-witted invalid here.  I know what’s going on.”

“Fine.”  Janice relented.  “Just lay back and then do the ‘scratch-n-sniff’ when I tell you too.”

“Flipping kid’s stuff!”  George muttered as the machine slid him in.

Janice’s voice broke over the speaker.  “Ok Dad, I’m going to start the scanner now.  Hold still.”

“Yeah-yeah.  Jesus!”  He said as a bright light flashed overhead accompanied by a thunderous but dull thud.

“That’s just the machine doing its job.”  Janice commented through the speaker.  “Try to ignore it.”

George hollered, “You try!”  Into the empty room.

“Oh my go…”  Janice gasped as she looked at the monitor.  Explosions of light and color were emanating from her father’s brain.  Fast and furious,  it was if the bioelectrical sensors were doing their best to imitate a Tesla coil.  Neurons and pathways that should’ve been burnt out dead ends were sewn back together and firing off like a sparkplug.”

Janice pressed the intercom button.  “How does your head feel?  Do you have a headache?”

“No I’m not having a damn seizure!”  George hollered from inside the scanner.  “Now stop fretting and finish this!”

Janice shook her head at the monitor and said, “Fine. Try and scratch one of the scents.  Tell me what effects it has on you.”

George grumbled under his breath as he scratched the first item on the paper.  “It’s strawberries!”  He called aloud.  Suddenly his eyes widened as Janice watched a previously dark part of his brain explode in color.

George was surrounded by the smell of strawberries.  Looking down at his hands, he saw that they were smaller and stronger than they were a minute ago.  There were no age spots or wrinkles on the.  He looked past his hands and saw small leather shoes laced over his small feet.  Scanning the Horizon, he saw a bunch of kids running across the field.  He recognized them immediately.  They were all his friends.  Joe, Mike, Matt, and Renee.  They were running and laughing and having a good old time.  Just like when he was seven.  In fact, he was seven!  It was July 10, 1957.  It was Joe’s birthday party.

“Holy cow!”  George marveled as this memory relived itself in completeness.

A voice called out of the air, tearing his soul from this warm, safe, sanctuary.  “Dad!  Are you ok?”

“Yeah Damn it!”  I was just reliving old times.

“You’re sure.  Maybe I should…”

“Don’t do nothin’!”  George yelled.  “Let’s just go on with it and get this damn thing over!”

George sniffed the next item on the paper.

“Ugh.”  He said to himself. “Fake ham.  Spam.”

His eyelids flickered as his fists clenched.


Explosions thundered all around him as bombs dropped unrelenting from the sky.

“In coming!”  A voice cried as George felt himself hit the ground.

Dirt rained over him as a flash hit far too close.

The staccato of rapid fire flew inches over head as buddy fired back in response.

“Yeah!  Get some!”

Private George jumped up and thrust himself forward.

“Dad, can you hear me?  Dad?  Dad!”  Janice cried over the intercom.  “I’m pulling the plug!”

Janice hit the emergency stop button and ran towards her father as the tray slid forward.  A sharp kick in her chest sent her reeling.

“I see ya Charlie!”  George yelled as he jumped off the tray.  “You ain’t gonna fool me!  You may have taken my gun, but I’ll find another.  I’ll bury all of you!”

George ran towards the side of the door.  “You kick it in, Tommy.  I got your six.  What?  It’s my turn to go first?  Fine.  On the count of three.  One…”

George turned the handle and charged into the hall.  “Geronimo!”

Startled, workers froze in confusion as this old man ran towards them.

“I see ya, Charlie!”  George cried as he bowled into them.  “You ain’t getting away from me!”

Adrenalin flowed as George heard the screams of his enemy.  Gun or not, it didn’t matter.  The Marines had taught him well.  Every move was executed perfectly.  Every punch a full powered blow.  The cut through the VC like wheat before the scythe.

“Aigh! Get help!  Call security!”  Came the cries of the people as George pressed his assault.

Sirens screamed overhead as Private George looked for the air raid.  “Come and get it!”  He snarled.

Security ran against the crowd as the alarm rang through the hall.

“Get out!  Get out now!”  The commander ordered as his team headed towards the threat.

Janice groggily stood up as the alarm crashed in her ears.  “Dad.”

Private George killed with swiftness at any Viet Cong that fell before him.  “Yeah!  Kill them all!”

Janice stumbled through the hall, stopping at the first bloody body.  “Dad!  No!”  She jumped into a sprint.

“Stop! Stop there!”  The commander ordered as he and his men drew their weapons on the old man.

“Semper Fi!”  Called out young Private George as he charged Charlie.

Janice turned the corner to see a hail of bullets cut down her father in mid stride.


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