Thoughts: Are you a teacher?

The new guy rode around with me today at work.  Being there for a week, he had already showed his willingness to work and do jobs that others have thought too hard or beneath them.  As we rode around he smoked his cigarette.  Stopping to collect a few things, he stubbed it out and threw it in the back of our cart.

“Do you know how to ‘Field Strip’ a cigarette?” I asked as I picked up the stub?

He shook his head, “No.”

I set the stub on the ground put my boot over the tobacco part and pulled the filter off while squishing the tobacco into the street.

I looked at the kid and explained, “This extinguishes the fire, shreds the tobacco, and lets you put the filter in your pocket for proper disposal.”

“Cool.”  He said with a smile.

Later on we drove down a street that had an orchid tree on it.

I stopped midway and breathed deep.

“Do you smell that?”  I asked.

“Smell what?”  He replied.

“The orchid tree.”  I said, pointing.

“Not really.”  He answered, “What does it smell like?”

I had to think for a minute.  This would be a good exercise for my writing/descriptive skills.

“Strong.” I said.  “Sweet and perfume.”

I drove closer so he could smell it easier.

Sniff.  “You’re right.”

Towards the end of our run, I stopped and pointed to some bright green leaves on a trellis.

“You see those?” I said, “Those are sweet potato vine.  The potato’s edible.”

“You’re kidding.”  He said, doubting me.

“Really.”  I answered.  “Those are the same type of sweet potatoes Christopher Columbus brought back to Europe.”

“Cool!”  He exclaimed.

There wasn’t any real reason for all this.  We were just riding around, doing our job and I wanted to point out some things to help him feel more a part of the crew and a part of the place we work at. It makes them more comfortable and helps them to relax and be themselves.

Then I started to wonder, do we all do this?  I know we all do it in the blogging field.  Every post has a lesson to learn of tidbit to show.  It’s not in just the “How To” posts, but in every story and every observation.  There’s always something to be gained.

I’d wager that every one of you also do it in the real world as well.  We like to point and show things often overlooked or unknown.  Some might mistake our looking around as being distracted, but it’s actually being more aware of our surroundings than those next to us.  It’s a gift we like to share.

So I ask you, think about how you act around your friends, co-workers, and the new people in your life.  Do you try to point out things that others don’t see?  Do you teach?  I bet you do.

Thank you.  I’m learning quite a bit.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Are you a teacher?

  1. I didn’t know we could eat the tubers of the sweet potato plant. You just taught me something. But as you say, you usually do. I suppose bloggers are so happy to learn something new that we ache to share it. Isn’t it wonderful!

  2. LOL Here I am in cold Michigan wondering if I should have bought an orchid plant when they were on sale at Home Depot and tried growing it indoors over the winter and you’ve a huge tree full of them! Guess you thought an old man something new.

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