Ketchup with us

A while back Michele and Mel invited me to join in their writing challenge called “Ketchup with us”.  It’s a bimonthly challenge and I’ve finally had the energy to Ketchup to them.  (Although, I am a wee bit late.  Huff-huff.)

The challenge this time is to rant about something I could do without. Hmm.  so many things here.

Ok M&M,here’s my rant:

I could so do without the entire skipping of Thanksgiving when it comes to the freaking department stores!  I mean, really!  Did you notice it?  They went straight from Halloween right to Christmas!  Ugh!  What the hey?  This is America’s holiday.  Let’s do something about it.  You need an excuse to sell stuff?  How about a Thanksgiving sale?  You could make a pilgrimage to the store for the annual turkey shoot of low-priced DVDs, CDs, sweaters, and other stuff.

How about a big sale on boats?  Sure everything is icing over up north, but here’s the chance to get some real good deals on you very own May Flower.  Or, even better, do a cruise!

Kids could go crazy with an airsoft sale.  Not only are the prices lower, but each airsoft sold comes with a free turkey spinner target.

Cartoon network could play Charlie Browns Thanksgiving over and over again for the entire day.

Thanksgiving is a worthwhile Holiday.  Let’s not trip over it on the way to “Black Friday”.

Thanks for the rant M&M.  Nest time I’ll try to keep in the word count limit.

8 thoughts on “Ketchup with us

  1. First of all, I’m totally with you there, Gene. I LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s like the overture to the holiday season. (Notice I did NOT say pre-game!)

    Secondly, you’ve got some great slogans here. Pilgrimage is my favorite. I’m calling Sears!

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. “Let’s not trip over it on the way to Black Friday.” So true! I love Thanksgiving, but agree it is totally downplayed. All that food should not be overlooked! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up! We love having you.

    • Thank you. There are a lot of good things going with this holiday. Besides seeing family, there is the chance to do some local traditions that we grew up with. Is there going to be a parade in your area? I used to watch the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade every year.

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