Thoughts of: Christmas ideas.

With Christmas shopping in full swing I figured I’d throw out a few items that have inspired me or helped me on my adventures.

First is the Earthsea novels by Ursula K. LeGuin.  Puffin books takes the first four books and puts them in one binding to bring you the meat of the series. Adventure, growth, pain, understanding, knowledge, love, it’s all there.  This is a great series to get your adventure juices flowing.

My second book choice is “Wind Drinker” by Jefferson Spivey.  It’s an autobiography about his idea, and then adventure, of crossing the United States from L.A. to New York on a borrowed horse.

If you’re looking for adventure mixed in with hilarity, check out “Florida Cow Hunter:  The Life and Times of Bone Mizell”.  The book is crammed with unbelievable and outrageous adventures of a cattleman in the wilds of South West… Florida.

Looking for something a little more modern?  Follow Gary and Monica Wescott as they discover Iceland in their modified Ford pickup truck.  Having just finished a winter’s expedition through Siberia, this DVD gives you a great adventure presented in the old National Geographic style.

The last item on my list is Road Runner magazine.  It’s a motorcycle touring magazine, but it is so full of useful information and great destinations that anyone who has the itch to travel needs to look at it.  Every article has all the travel research done for you.  Where to go; what to do, what to see; and where to stay.  There’s even maps on the back and GPS coordinates to make your trip even easier.

So her are some suggestions for you to think about.  I own every one listed nd enjoy them.  If they interest you, great!  Click on the picture and it will send you to their website or Amazon so you can order it.  If you don’t like them, that’s ok.  I’ll be back to my regular posts tomorrow.  Also, don’t think I’m doing this for profit.  I have no monetary gains in this.  There is no affiliate link or any other kickback.  These are just items that I enjoy and felt you might be interested in.  Well all have that someone who is hard to shop for.  Maybe one of these items will be a good choice.






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