Daydreams of: Anticipation

A walk around the house.

“Is it here?”

She sniffs the air for a familiar scent.

“Where did it go?”

A door opens, she scoots outside to the porch.

“There it is!”

Her chin rests on the edge of a hard, plastic chair as her eyes stare longingly at the worn nylon strap.  Breathing deep, she drinks in the scent.  Her mind runs.

Out of the house.  Out from the walls.  Onto the grass. Down the road.  Smell the new smells.  Hear the new sounds.

She turns to look at me.

“Can we go?”

My entry for the Trifecta challenge where the word is Anticipation.

3 a: visualization of a future event or state
 b: an object or form that anticipates a later type

25 thoughts on “Daydreams of: Anticipation

  1. Mm…So sweet…What a lovely dog… 🙂 Ah, the love of a dog!… 🙂 What a nice story this is. So sweet. Warms your heart. Is that your lovely sweet dog in the photo?

    • Thank you. I’m glad you liked the story. Doggie guilt spurred me to write it. No. That is not my dog in the picture. Sadie is too rambunctious for pictures right now. I’ll post some pics of her in the near future.

  2. Oh my! There is nothing like the anticipation that runs through a doggie when they think a good walk is in the offing. Well captured.

  3. You capture a dog’s view so well. Our Golden Retriever, Sally, gave this four paws up! (She also said that her owners don’t walk her nearly enough.) “Too busy” doesn’t cut it for a dog 🙂

  4. Wonderfully written! I miss mine whom I had to leave behind with my father when I moved 😦
    “A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his” – John Grogan (Marley and me)

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