Ketchup with us: Epic Failures

Happy New Years! Michele and Mel are asking what two resolutions we have chosen for the New Year knowing that they will fail epically.  The goals, while noble and pure at heart will never see the end of the week through practicality.  They aren’t unrealistic expectations such as HALO jumping or solving the economic problems worldwide; they are the resolutions that seem to be achievable, but won’t be due to personal human nature.  These are my two.

I want to ride my bike more often.  It won’t happen.  I want to ride with my wife and we will always find a reason not to.

I want to learn how to play the guitar.  I give it the big start up, but will be pulled away by blogging and other distractions.

Check out Michele and Mel to see what theirs are and drop a reply and let me know what yours will be.

15 thoughts on “Ketchup with us: Epic Failures

  1. It’s so true, Gene. Blogging, writing…and being responsible seem to keep getting in my way. However, I love that you want to ride your bike and learn guitar! Keep trying. One year they might stick. Thank you for linking up!!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Here it is, Gene. I have the perfect resolution for you. I want you to learn to play the guitar WHILE riding your bicycle. And then come write all about it here … or have someone else do it for you as you will likely be in traction for a while … so we can read about it.

    Are you in?!!?

    Well, thanks for linking up either way. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. It might be about what you sense as an inspiration, or what is ‘complete’. Take out the guitar, play a few chords and see if a song doesnt come (back) the way your writing does. Good luck !

    • For me, its actually about rtying to learn how to play it. I’ve tried on and off for years. To give it a honest try, I ordered a fret clamp and a “How to” book.

      Here’s hoping.

  4. Sounds like you’d like to keep the guitar resolution. As a guitar player, I can tell you it’s not hard to learn some easy songs in a matter of a couple of days. Find a song you like on the Internet with two or three chords. Memorize the chord pattern and just play the heck out of that song until you get it. And I thought I was going to offer my usual inane comment and I’m actually trying to be constructive! New one for me.

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  6. These ARE great resolutions – I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar and I didn’t use my bike at ALL next year. I hope you can carve some time to make these happen. Happy New Year!

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