Looking back and looking forward.

It’s been a great first year of blogging and I’m grateful for what the year has brought me.

First on the list are all of you who choose to take time out of your lives to read about what’s going on here.  Your likes, follows, and comments mean a lot to me.  Without you, I’d just be “singing in the shower”.  If I hadn’t said it enough, thank you.

Second are the surprises that came along the way.  I never would’ve expected an article on controlling whitefly on plants to be my number one post, but it is.  (Personally I think it’s the pictures that do it.) I also wouldn’t have thought my story about the World War two Russian vet in a gun show would be number two.  Does this make me the “Garden and Gun” blogger?

Third is the irony that life throws at you.  My bathroom is useless right now as contractors redo the shower and my little short about rescuing a derelict house is rated number five.






Click here to see the complete report.

I’ve also learned a few things:

  1. Being cutesy with the categories might sounds like a good idea, but really doesn’t help the readers that much.  I will be streamlining this for you.
  2. Not every title fits well into those categories.  Thoughts of, Rambling about, and Daydreams of don’t always blend well with the subject at hand.  Sometimes the title needs to stand alone.
  3. As much as I want to, I can’t post a new blog every day.  That was my goal  going in and I do think I did well for my first year, but with colds, unexpected work, and other items jumping at you, I gotta realize that three good post a week are a good average to shoot for.

Like you, I do have some goals to make this year even better.

De-clutter.  I want the categories easier for you to navigate through.



Deeper stories.  I feel as if I’ve been holding back on some of my stories so as not to scare anyone off.  That’s not fair to you.  Artistry is the use of both light and shadow.  Without them you end up with a faded, washed out image instead of an image full of depth and dimension.  Dark is needed.


More communication.  I’m going to “talk” to you more.  I love my stories and reporting of events going on in my travels, but I also want to talk to you.  There are subjects I’ve danced around or ignored that might be better talking about.  This also means I want to listen more.  Let me know what you’re thinking and what you’d like to read about or see here.  After all I like having you visit and want you to keep coming back.

Have more fun.  I got a real kick out of the fact that my first two followers were young female, psychology grads.  I wasn’t sure if I was hip or a research project.  (My wife voted for the latter.)  I’ve had more humorous moments along the way and because of your influence, plan on having a lot more.  Besides life’s boring without fun.

So thank you for this first year of blogging.  In many ways it was like a first date.  Let’s see how much better the second one is.

PS: Here are some pictures of Sadie,  my dog that inspired me to write Anticipation.



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