Trifecta Challenge: Intention.

Tile dried slowly in the bathroom shower as the door was closed for protection from the curious.

A clear, plastic sheeting runner lay over the carpet roughly six feet long.  It was left there purposely by the contractor for future use.  A lone piece of blue painters tape pretended to hold the runner secure to the rug.

Late that night, in the darkness, a pair of green eyes stared mischievously at this wondrous material.  The lady sleeping restlessly was soon roused by the rustling and romping of little pads on plastic.

Bleary eyed, the lady grabbed a spare sheet from the closet and threw it over the plastic in zombie like fashion.

It was to no avail.

For once she was in bed, the playful creature of the night pulled the soft, muffling fabric away and continued his playful pounding of the plastic.

The lady sat up and looked over in a mix of annoyance and anger.  The cat had made his intention perfectly clear.  There would be no sleep for her tonight.


For the Trifecta Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge: Intention.

  1. Oh, this is perfect – you must have cats! When they want to play, they will play and they are so curious about everything. Mine knocks stuff off my nightstand all night. In the morning I put it back just so she can repeat again.

  2. Well loved! All cat owners cat appreciate your story, for sure! Well-written. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks.

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