Historic Spanish Point

Florida is legendary for hidden treasures.  Pirates sailed all around in search of treasures of gold and gems.  There are still treasures to be found today.  Some are clearly marked and well known, while others are obscure and hidden in plain sight.

My wife and I visited one of these hidden treasures over the weekend.  It’s called Historic Spanish Point.

Historic Spanish Point is on highway 41 in Osprey, Florida.  Nestled in between two strip malls, we drove past it for many years and never really knew what it was.  The building on Highway 41 is the backside of Osprey School which serves as the visitor center.  It is so subtle that you’d think that Historic Spanish Point was just a small museum with a small park attached.  Don’t let the looks deceive you.

Historic Spanish Point is large and covers 30 acres!  With buildings and artifacts spanning from 800 A.D. to the early 1900’s this is no little museum decorated with trinkets.

Historic Spanish Point Map

The people at Spanish Point did a wonderful job of breaking the timelines down into three distinct parts:  Natives, Pioneers, and Palmer.

The Natives lived there in the 800s and died out long before the Seminoles migrated to the area.


John Greene Webb moved his family from Utica and bought the land in 1867 where they grew citrus and other crops.


In 1910 The Webbs sold the land to Mrs. Bertha Potter, an extraordinary lady determined to leave her mark in history.  Bertha brought beauty into the area with a sunken garden, a bougainvillea accented pergola, aqueduct, Duchene lawn, and portal.


There are cottages and houses to explore along with chapels, gardens, a burial mound, a cemetery, and a boathouse all surrounded by wonderful native Florida flora.




With so much to see, I’m going to post multiple articles so you can get as many angles and as much detail as possible.  After all, treasures like Historic Spanish Point need to be explored thoroughly.

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