Historic Spanish Point – Prehistoric Natives


There is no name. There are no books, scrolls, or artifacts telling us who exactly they were or what they called themselves; but these people lived on the grounds now called Spanish Point and they left many clues and evidence of their existence.

I have to say I would’ve made for a horrible detective.  Without all the signs pointing to the various historical places on the grounds, I would’ve walked right over them and never known what I had missed.

Luckily those who are much better at discovering lost treasures and mapping them did all the work for me.

The first historical point of interest is the Burial Mound.  Keep your eyes opened for it is very subtle.  In fact, I thought it was just a garden mound for a palm tree before noticing the sign telling of its true importance.  This mound covered multiple generations of natives along with ceremonial offerings and smashed pottery.  Dated from 300 A.D. to 1000 A.D. it offers a glimpse of the people that lived before the pioneers moved in.

Along with the burial grounds there are multiple Middens on the property.  Middens are basically trash heaps left by the people who lived in that era.   The oldest midden dates back to before 3000 B.C. and made up of shellfish, shell tools, pottery and other artifacts.

The other midden is called the Shell Ridge midden. The highest point in Historic Spanish Point, it is speculated that it also was used as a platform for the chief’s residence or temple.

To truly give visitors of what a midden looks like from the inside, an exhibit was created in the building labeled “A Window to the Past”.  Inside that is a diorama of a prehistoric native dwelling, multiple artifacts, and a short movie that tells you of the history of these people.  There is also a huge window that looks into a bisected section of the midden displaying all the shells, fragments, and other objects just as they were left.


If historic civilizations long past are deciphered and judged by the garbage they left behind.  I wonder what future generations will think of us.

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