The wooden boats of Spainsh Point

I don’t know about you, but I love wooden boats.  There is just something special about them that separates them from their modern fiberglass/resin counterparts.  Now don’t get me wrong, today’s modern building compounds are smooth, light, sleek, and require so little maintenance when compared to the classic wooden hulls of yore; but that is the point.  Wooden hulled ships and boat are classic.  The feel different.  They sound different.  They are different.  It would be like comparing a modern Dodge Challenger to the original 60’s variant.  Sure the new one’s fast.  Sure it’s handles better.  And no question about it, it’s safer.  But it’s not the same thing.  Same for the boats.

With that, I humbly present to you the wooden boats of Spanish Point.







3 thoughts on “The wooden boats of Spainsh Point

  1. To me, wooden boats represent one of the longest standing examples of technical evolution. The huge variety of designs, each chosen to fill a specific need, based on the availability of materials of it’s days, and advanced by improved building and sailing techniques continually amazes me. Thanks for the post.

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